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Welcome to the Kathleen H. Wood Website

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Congratulations on your decision to live a healthy life!  


Even though this site bears my name, this site is really not about me. It is about Empowering YOUR Healthy Lifestyle


Motivation is all about understanding what’s important to you and being able to do it.  Your resolve varies day to day. I know it can be hard to stay motivated.

a   Do you ever feel like a tractor beam just pulled you back to old habits?   

a   Maybe you know what you need to do -- Then again, you might need information.

a   Sometimes you feel alone and need support and encouragement

a  You might need straight talk- what is true or not in the maze of health and fitness information out there?


My goal is to walk beside you in that journey, give you the facts and most importantly- help you stay motivated.


Through this site, look for positive and practical resources:


a   Information on healthy living

a   Success Programs for your weight loss and fitness.

a   Do you need a speaker for your organization related to Faith or Fitness?

a   I’ll share my favorite links to other resource sites

a   And even some winks- light hearted things to bring a smile to your face or FREE downloadable resources.


I want to establish a relationship with you that will make your step lighter, your path straighter and your resolve stronger.


·        If you are resident to the midlands of South Carolina, Let me introduce you to the innovative Health Coach Studio where I work locally- look under the Health Coach Services tab.  

·        The Palmetto Fitness Focus tab will give you convenient internet and email options for E-coaching.

·        Meet Kathleen WoodFaith, Family, Fitness, and Client Testimonials will help you to get to know me, and why being your health coach is so important to me.

·        I have lots of practical and free information to share on the Weight Loss Q & A tab.

·        Be sure to check the tab: Contact Kathleen - I want to send you a FREE tip sheet on practical ways you can lose weight EVERY day, and a FREE weekly newsletter.


So what is YOUR healthy living goal?  

How can I help you achieve it?

Kathleen H Wood

Photo Credit: Rose Fuller